Check token added

ArConnect Injected API isTokenAdded() function

When trying to add a token, it can be useful to know if a token has already been added to ArConnect. The isTokenAdded() function returns a boolean indicating whether the token with the supplied ID has been added to the extension or not.




The contract ID of the token

Note: This function does not require any permissions or the app to be connected to ArConnect.

Example usage

// the ID of the token
const tokenID = "-8A6RexFkpfWwuyVO98wzSFZh0d6VJuI-buTJvlwOJQ";

// check if the token has been added
const isAdded = await window.arweaveWallet.isTokenAdded(tokenID);

// add token if it hasn't been added yet
if (!isAdded) {
  await window.arweaveWallet.addToken(tokenID);

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