Get wallet names

ArConnect Injected API getWalletNames() function

In ArConnect, each wallet has a nickname. This is either the user's ANS name, or a user-given nickname. To provide better UX, you can retrive these names and display them for the user, so they can easily recognize which wallet they're using. The getWalletNames() function returns an object, where the object keys are the wallet addresses and the values are the nicknames.

Note: This function requires the ACCESS_ALL_ADDRESSES permission.

Example usage

// connect to the extension
await window.arweaveWallet.connect(["ACCESS_ADDRESS", "ACCESS_ALL_ADDRESSES"]);

// get all wallet names from ArConnect
const walletNames = await window.arweaveWallet.getWalletNames();

// obtain the user's active wallet address
const activeAddress = await window.arweaveWallet.getActiveAddress();

console.log("Your active wallet's nickname is", walletNames[activeAddress]);

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