ArConnect DOM events

ArConnect provides useful custom events to track the state of the extension. These events implement the CustomEvent browser API.

arweaveWalletLoaded event

This event is dispatched once the ArConnect Injected API has been initialized in the window object. Before this event is fired, you cannot interact with ArConnect and the window.arweaveWallet object will be undefined.


addEventListener("arweaveWalletLoaded", () => {
  // now we can interact with ArConnect
  const permissions = await window.arweaveWallet.getPermissions();

  if (permissions.length <= 0) {
    await window.arweaveWallet.connect(["ACCESS_ADDRESS"]);

walletSwitch event

This event is fired when the user manually switches their active wallet. The even also includes the new active wallet's address, if the user allowed the ACCESS_ADDRESS and the ACCESS_ALL_ADDRESSES permissions.


addEventListener("walletSwitch", (e) => {
  const newAddress = e.detail.address;

  // handle wallet switch

Event emitter

The event emitter is available under as a more advanced event system for the extension.

Note: This documentation is incomplete and the feature is experimental.

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